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About NXG

NXG Technology started business over ten years ago with a simple philosophy - To build speakers & products that we'd want to own and use in our own homes. Over the years we've expanded our product mix to include indoor/outdoor speakers, cables, speaker selectors, media distribution & switching, volume controls, and most recently, computer accessory products.

With NXG architectural & outdoor speakers, you'll see meticulous design and craftsmanship that integrates smoothly into today's listening spaces. You'll hear remarkably full, clean sonic performance that surpasses that of far more expensive, well-known brands.


Warranty Registration

NXG Technology Warranty Registration Instructions:
Please send an email to support@nxgtechnology.com
with the following information:

email address:
Model Purchased:
Serial Number:
Date Purchased:
Store Purchased From:
Price Paid:
Additional Comments:

Thanks for Registering!

Warranty Information

• Pro Series Speakers - 3 Years
• Onyx Speakers - 1 Year
• Powered Subwoofers - 2-Years
• Bluetooth Products - 1-Year
• Computer Accessories - 1 Year
• Rock Speakers & Outdoor Speakers - 2 Years
• Powered Outdoor Speakers - 1 Year
• Computer Accessories - 1 Year
• Wired Headphones - Limited Lifetime (1 Year if not registered)
• 2012 Basix Cables - 1 Year (90-days if not registered)
• 2012 Onyx Cables - 3 Years (1-Year if not registered)
• 2012 Black Pearl Cables - Lifetime (3-Years if not registered)
• Mounts & Furniture - 3 Years

NXG warranties cover all evident defects in material and workmanship for the period listed above. Warranties do not cover electrical or mechanical damage resulting from misuse or abuse, lack of reasonable care, damage due to force majeure or natural forces, or inadequate repairs performed by unauthorized service centers. Batteries and wear of parts due to normal use are not covered by this warranty. Shipment of the defective item for repair or replacement under this warranty will be at the customer's own risk and expense. This warranty is valid for the original purchaser as the final user only.


If you are a retailer or custom installer who would like to purchase NXG products
please visit  Ingram Micro